M Cohen and Sons

dedication, experience, artistry and uncompromising standards.

Stairs, entrances, detailing – all the making of iron and metalwork. The products we build are design for people who appreciate uncompromised quality. Our dedication to customer service and craftsmanship builds the great relationships that make it all possible.


Sparks fly around here. Sparks of inspiration and unique design. Using the modern tools of arc welding and metal fabrication, our workshop creates the high quality products, custom features, and the detailing that define our reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Our workshop is the creative center of M. Cohen and Sons. It is the heart of our operation. It is where raw imagination and cold metal meet and blend into something very special.


While we take advantage of modern day machinery and technology to help in the process, the art of hand craftsmanship is still prevalent in the shop. Whether it is curved handrail with matching riser and treads or a boardroom conference table to a custom cabinet quality is the common denominator. We are driven to create excellence every single time.

Unrivaled Quality since 1930


Feature custom stairs that serve as a centerpiece to any design.


High level detailed railings that accent any space.


From custom ornamentation to fabrication, we forge your vision.

The heights of design.
The hands of craftsmen.

For nearly 90 years, we have worked with raw materials and transforming them into our clients vision.

Design & Build

We are here to work with you from the early onset to ensure a design translates into a built form. This includes offering services such as:

  • Design Assist
  • Fabrication
  • Project Management

Our Clients

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What Can We Build for You?

Engineering, Fabrication and Manufacturing - the foundation of how we work.