Woolly Mammoth

Miami Beach, FL

This unique sculpture is part of artist Damien Hirst’s “Natural History” series, an exploration of mortality, myth and legend. By painstakingly painting the bones with gold leaf, Hirst’s intention is to illustrate man’s battle to achieve victory over death.
Len Blavatnik (Owner of Warner Records and MCS client) bought the $ 15 M sculpture (official title – Gone But Not Forgotten) at an AMFAR auction in 2014. 
A partner in the FAENA project, which he no doubt expects to become 
legendary in its’ own right, his decision to display the mammoth turned into an amazing opportunity for the Custom Shop.

Allen Cohen often comments that M. Cohen and Sons accepts the jobs no one else will. We do so because we have no fear of a challenge, one might say we welcome them actually. The Woolly Mammoth Enclosure was designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed by M. Cohen and sons for the Faena Forum Hotel in Miami Beach’s Art Deco District in just six weeks. The gold plated stainless steel and glass climate controlled case displays an almost 10’ tall woolly mammoth skeleton plated in 18kt gold leaf. The materials used to create this enclosure included: PVD plated stainless steel from Taiwan, glass from Canada, and lift cups from England. The glass used was ultra-clear in order to fully appreciate the aesthetics of the mammoth, made into an insulated unit comprised of 3/4” laminated outer lite over 3/4" laminated inner lite. The size for the front and back glass panels of the enclosure were approximately 22’ wide by 15’ tall. The roof top glass for the enclosure has the same makeup only curved slightly to shed water while the edges on the perimeter were kept flat


Glass and gold platted stainless steel, climate controlled display case
General Contractor: 
Coastal Construction
Nomma Ernest Wiemann Top Job Award 2016: Gold Metal, Unusual Ornamental Fabrication Category