Brian Cohen is fourth generation member of the Cohen family. Starting in his early childhood, Brian learned the intricacies of metal fabrication from his grandfather, Philip, and his father, Allen. Brian immersed himself in the business at a young age, spending much of his free time shadowing his father and picking up on the minutia of business operations. In high school, Brian participated in a vocational program that allowed him to earn course credits while working at the company. Brian continued his education at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. He graduated in 2000, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and invaluable formal training in metal craftsmanship. Like his father, he maintained full-time employment while pursuing his academic interests.

Brian has developed a deep appreciation for craftsmanship through his experience in all aspect of the trade. From AutoCAD and detailing to fabrication, painting and installation his knowledge and expertise have helped him earn the title of Senior Vice President in charge of manufacturing and operations. His crew of over 100 people produces high-end residential, commercial, and structural items for some of the world’s most demanding and well-known clients. Brian’s 28 years of experience and his passion for excellence are essential to the operation of M. Cohen and Sons. 

Senior Vice President, Director of Manufacturing