1552 Broadway

New York, NY

Historic Storefront Façade Renovation

1552 Broadway (The I. Miller Shoe Building) sits prominently in the heart of New York City’s Time Square. The building, originally built in the 1920s celebrates America’s four best-loved actresses - Ethel Barrymore, Marilyn Miller, Mary Pickford and Rosa Ponselle – in the form of diminutive marble statues on the building’s South façade. Unfortunately, after 90 years in the heart of New York City, the building had become neglected and was ready for demolition. M. Cohen and Sons was contracted by Plaza Construction to restore the building’s ground floor storefronts in the spring of 2013. As part of our contract in this renovation, M. Cohen and Sons rebuilt all of the ground floor windows and entrances. The storefronts, clad in architectural bronze, used the historic conditions as a template for their reconstruction and feature re-cut bronze trim that frames the building’s windows. Architectural bronze spandrel panels were remade and installed above the building’s storefronts on 46th Street and Broadway. The crowning jewel of the building is the bronze cast ‘Gingerbread’ feature that proudly sits above the building’s front entrance. Based off historic photographs and guidance from project architects at TPG Architecture and Jan Hird Pokorny Associates, the ‘Gingberbread’ was sculpted in clay, cast in bronze, and antiqued to replicate the building’s other bronze finishes. Upon completion of the project in the winter of 2014, the New York Landmarks Conservancy recognized the project with the Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award.


Bronze and Glass
TPG Architecture, Jan Hird Pokorny Associates
General Contractor: 
Plaza Construction
Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award: 2013